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Gym by AXN Club 100

The Cascade Gym by AXN Club 100 offers in addition to the regular gym use, a personalized concept of fitness based on three pillars: physical therapy, nutrition and fitness workouts - with pre-assessment and personalized support.

Under the guidance of Michele Mellone, expert in body transformation and personal trainer, the Cascade Gym by AXN Club 100 presents a unique fitness concept and is fully equipped by Technogym®. Featuring outdoor spinning areas and a studio for aerobic classes, yoga and pilates, the gym is in high demand amongst the resort's fitness lovers.

Make the most of your Algarve holidays at Cascade Resort and come over for a 7 day luxury fitness package. With a daily exercise routine, you will learn to condition your body to move and react to your normal daily routine. This new experience will help you view sports and fitness in a different way and realize that sometimes your body can be its own gym.



Monday to Friday, from 7am to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday, from 7am to 5pm



Tel: (+351) 282 771 551



Have you been putting exercise aside? Take advantage of your holidays to make up for lost time.
Or keep up the good work and combine a relaxing break with sports and well-being activities.

At the Cascade Gym by AXN Club 100, you will find personalized training programs, tailored to your goals, your physical condition and limitations.


Fitness Package 1 - Fitness Bootcamp (7.30am) & Yoga or Pilates Class (9.00am) - € 32 *

Fitness Package 2 - Fitness Private Session or Private Hiking Tour (7.30am) & Yoga or Pilates Class (9.00am) - 60 € *

Fitness Package 3 - Pilates Class (9.00am) & Fisio-Postural Training or Physical Therapy Class (10.00am) - 65 € *

Fitness Package 4 - Functional Training (7.30am) & Yoga Class or Pilates (9.00am) & Fitness Private Session (10.00am) - 75 € *

Fitness Package 5 - Fitness Bootcamp (7.30am) & Yoga or Pilates Class (9.00am) & Bike Tour (10.00am) - 75 € *

Fitness Package 6 - Private Hiking Tour (7.30am) & Yoga or Pilates Class (9.00am) & Fitness Private Session (10.00am) - € 105 *

Fitness Package 7 - Private Hiking Tour (7.30am) & Pilates Class (9.00am) & Fisio-Postural Training (10.00am) - € 105 *

*Promotional offer valid from Monday to Friday. The programs above mentioned can be costumize and in the purchase of one of the, offer of a personalized training program.

WEEKLY TOUR (min 3 people)

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