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Treatments & Massages

  • Signature Rituals +

    Face and body rituals - around the World. Body exfoliation, wrap, face and moisturising. Pamper yourself with our natural, organic and vegan treatments.

    • Portugal Ritual (Vine & Citrus) 110 minutes 150€
      Protects against the effects of free radicals and the resulting ageing of the skin.
    • Europe Ritual (Sea & Forest) 110 minutes 150€
      Firms, tones and shapes your figure.
    • South America Ritual (Green Coffe & Avocat) 110 minutes 150€
      Refreshes, revitalises and awakens the senses.
    • Africa Ritual (Cocoa & Orange) 110 minutes 150€
      Restores your skin’s balance, strengthening its functions.
    • Asia Ritual (Green Coffe & Ginger) 110 minutes 150€
      Relaxes and calms body and mind.
  • Facial Treatments +

    HSR Lifting 80 minutes – 120€
    Luxurious anti-ageing treatment for an immediate lifting effect. Gives your skin a softer appearance and frmer outlines.

    Facial Moisturising 60 minutes - 90€
    For dry and dehydrated skins, oxygenates the cells and moisturises in depth. Gives your skin a fresh and luminous appearance.

    Facial Purifer (Young Skins) 60 minutes - 90€
    For asphyxiated skins with a tendency to be oily. Helps oxygenate your skin, giving you a sensation of lightness and well-being.

  • Dr. Barbor Facial Treatments +

    Dr. Babor Firming Collagen Booster 70 minutes- 110€
    For skins showing signs of ageing, this cream provides a collagen boost, greatly improving firmness, attenuating wrinkles and increasing your skin’s elasticity and flexibility.

    Dr. Babor Re-contouring Facial 70 minutes- 110€
    For a much more youthful-looking skin, frms and redefnes the outline of your face, enhances and plumps up your cheeks.

    Dr. Babor Regenerator 70 minutes- 110€
    Boosts the skin’s defence functions, attenuates marks and helps regenerate the tissues, leaving your skin soft and nourished.

  • Body Treatments +

    Supreme Gold 50 minutes 80€
    Exfoliation with cocoa followed by body moisturising

    Algarve Delight 50 minutes 80€
    Exfoliation with essence of lime followed by coconut body moisturising.

    Dr. Babor Cell Refining – Stop Cellulite 60 minutos 90€
    Localised treatment (thighs, buttocks and abdomen). Includes exfoliation, application of concentrated anti-cellulite product and, to fnish, a shaping massage.

    Detox Wrap 60 minutes 90€
    Body exfoliation, detox wrap and localised massage. Helps eliminate toxins and gives you a feeling of lightness and well-being

    Revitalising Treatment 50 minutes 80€
    Exfoliation with sea salts and therapeutic Fango mask on your back, followed by a deep-tissue massage of your back and legs.

  • Massages +

    Relaxing Massage 50 minutes 80€ /80 minutes 110€
    Aromatic relaxing massage using gentle to medium pressure.

    Anti-stress Massage 25 minutes 50€ /50 minutes 90€
    Massage using medium to strong pressure. Ideal for oxygenating the tissues and releasing built-up muscle tension.

    Geothermal Massage 60 minutes 95€/ 80 minutes 115€
    Relaxing massage using gentle to medium pressure combined with hot basalt stones.

    Localised Massage 25 minutes 45€
    Relaxing and invigorating massage. Gives you a feeling of vitality and lightness.

  • Honeymoon packages +

    Passion for two 50 minutes – 170€
    Relaxing massage for two followed by strawberries with chocolate.

    Relax for two 75 minutes - 195€
    Relaxing Massage for two & Cranio facial Massage.

    Sparkling Love 110 minutes - 265€
    Relaxing Massage for two & Moisturizing Facial Treatment.

    Spa appointment required with at least 24 hours in advance.

  • Hands & Feet +

    Deluxe Spa Manicure 50 minutes 45€
    Hand treatment including exfoliation, massage, mask, and nail shaping and varnishing.

    Spa Manicure 30 minutes 30€
    Treatment of cuticles and nail shaping and varnishing.

    Deluxe Spa Pedicure 60 minutes 50€
    Foot treatment including exfoliation, massage, mask, and nail shaping and varnishing.

    Pedicure Men 50 minutes 45€
    Foot treatment including exfoliation and removal of dead skin, massage, moisturising mask and nail shaping.

    Gel removal/ Varnishing – 10€

  • Hair Removal +

    • Eyebrows - 9€
    • Upper lip - 9€
    • Under arms – 15€
    • Bikini line - 20€
    • Brazilian – 30€
    • Half leg - 30€
    • Full leg - 45€
  • Packages +

    Spa Time Out 50 minutes 75€

    • Back, Shoulders and Neck Massage
    • Cranio Facial Massage

    Spa Relax 75 minutes 95€

    • Back Massage
    • Reflexology

    Spa Beauty 80 minutes 100€

    • Relaxing Massage
    • Mini- Facial

    Spa Sensation 140 minutes 165€

    • Aromatherapy
    • Personalized Facial

    For two…

    Relax for Two 75 minutes 195€

    • Massage for two
    • Cranio facial Massage

      Sparkling Love 110 minutes 265€

      • Massage for two
      • Moisturizing Facial Treatment
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Following the Portuguese Health Authorities' new prevention guidelines for Hotels please note that the SPA is closed until the use is regulated by the health authorities.

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