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Casamentos e Celebrações - Cascade

Weddings & Celebrations

A wedding with sea view, in a lighthouse or even on a football pitch.

Here you can feel the ocean breeze, your dreams are painted in maritime blue, green grass and they begin long before the magical day.

Here, where others set out to discover new worlds, you will embark on your journey as a couple. A safe haven where you can host the wedding ceremony and reception, but also where you can indulge yourselves with the small treats allowed by the excitement that precedes this moment.

The venues for your dream wedding

Take a deep breath, switch off and wake up ready for the exciting day when, surrounded by your loved ones, you will say "I do". Where it will be your wedding ceremony?

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Memories and tastes that shaped your identity

Here you can retrieve your childhood memories, as each bite brings back sweet memories of times spent in your aunt's or grandmother's house or of your childhood summers with your family. Your legacy is making history.

  • Wedding Cake

    Sponge cake, almond, with fruit or the classic chocolate cake? Your love story on a plate.

  • Menu

    Two hearts, two families, so many memories and traditions to blend

  • Venue

    The list, how many guests made it to your list?

  • Drinks & Bar

    Do you have a drink or signature cocktail in mind?

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In this safe haven, you will find a team entirely focused on helping you make your dreams come true, handling all the details with the utmost care and giving you advice on the best available solutions.

Contact us to get all the attention you deserve and to schedule your visit.


  • Practical questions about Wedding celebrations
  • We can also help you organize:

Find below a short list of services and facilities we can offer you:

  • Exclusivity - only 1 wedding a day - It's Your day
  • Wedding night in a Suite with Sea View
  • Menu and table plan design and printing
  • 1-hour welcome cocktail
  • Buffet or Set menus, with wellness and special dietary options from 124€
  • Menu Tasting for the bride and groom (except buffet)
  • Special accommodation prices for guests

Download the wedding brochure here:

Wedding Brochure (pdf)

We can also help you organize:

  • Sports programmes (tennis academies, football academies, fitness sessions or bootcamps)
  • Beauty and relaxation treatments
  • Hairdressers, make-up artists, barbers and beauticians
  • Decorators and wedding planners
  • Gifts for guests
  • Photo and video coverage
  • Babysitters and children's entertainers
  • Musical entertainment
  • Transport for the bride and groom and transfers for guests

  • Small Intimate Weddings

    Your wedding is always unique and a moment to treasure, even if it’s a celebration just for the two of you or for a small number of guests.

  • Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

    A get-together with friends for a Spa or Fitness retreat, or even for a weekend of football or adventures at sea.

  • Before the big day

    A moment just for the two of you, shortly before the big day, away from the hustle and bustle and the decisions that have recently overtaken you.

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