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Job Offers at Cascade Wellness Resort, Lagos


At the Cascade Wellness Resort, we give our guests the chance to embark on a journey to discover history, combining authentic, local experiences with comfort, sophistication and a touch of well-being, in a unique setting and ambience.


Because we can only give meaning to the future if we understand the past. Because we believe that the saga of the Portuguese Maritime Discoveries and their global influence is one of the chapters of history essential for the understanding of the modern world. Because Lagos - the place from where the caravels and the sailors set off and which has a history spanning four millennia - is the ideal place to experience this atmosphere and set off on your own journey to discover the region and the country.

If you believe that your talent can help write a chapter in the history of the hotel industry; if you believe that a smile shortens distances; and if the hospitality that is so typically Portuguese - a blend of passion and dedication - runs in your veins, then the Cascade Wellness Resort could be the perfect place for you to work.

Join the #MyCascadeFamily! in Lagos

Join the #MyCascadeFamily!

Proactiveness is one of the qualities that we value. As such, we are always happy to receive spontaneous applications. Please send your e-mail to


T. +351 282 771 500 | E.